A&T Plywood

What is it?

It is the plywood that repels termite, pinhole borers and powder post beetles. The chemical used is biodegradable and with low human toxicity.

How does it work?

The plywood surface/edges are specially treated with chemicals. Termite, pinhole borers and powder post beetles will stay away when they sense the chemical compounds on the surface/edges.

How can I use it?

You can enjoy the benefits of A&T Plywood by building furniture such as your kitchen cabinet etc using these panels. Conversely, you can ask your contractor and insist that they use A&T Plywood.

Cabinet Dining table Bed frame

Why do people Choose A&T Plywood?


Contains no toxins to protect and keep you safe.


The repellent substance is an all-natural compound derived from plants.


Meets the highest safety standards and is tested by a third party to ensure there is no harmful substances.


It has virtually no smell, making it especially suitable for kitchens.

Long Life Span

Enjoy an 18 months warranty.

A&T Plywood should not be exposed to direct sunlight, heat and high humidity. A&T Plywood is made of natural wood material, and its property property may change over time. Lacquered surface has a certain tendency to change in appearance with age, depending on its exposure to sunlight, heat and humidity.

Will using more board increase Termite efficacy?

Yes, of course! If you chose to build an entire furniture such as your kitchen cabinet etc with A&T Plywood, the effectiveness will be at its greatest. If you already have existing furniture, and choose to stick A&T Plywood on it, then using more boards and covering more surface area significantly increases its efficacy. A simple rule to remember is: the bigger the surface area, the better.

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